2016, Time for New Beginnings!

Hello Awesome Readers!

Happy 2016! This is my 1st Blog Anniversary!! *Happy Dance*

I know it has been a while, I have been missing in action to the point that some of you probably forgotten that my blog exist, HAHA!

Every new year, people always try to live with the “New Year, New Me” mantra but what does it take to really say that we are “new” that there is something that has changed in our self, in our perspective? that we are this “new” person and we are better than the year before?

I believe that, every day is a new beginning! That every day is a blessing where we are given the chance to do better, be optimistic and try to change our self into the person we wanted to be. It doesn’t have to be new year to start over and make new beginnings!

This year, I am going to put more effort and time on my blog than what I used to last year, I need to be more persistent this time. I am putting my attention and focus on the things I needed to do and what I wanted to accomplish this year, that is more blog posts, travel and more adventures with my family and bffs!

Cheers to more ways to live our life this 2016, and don’t forget to take chances because life is too short for regrets!



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