Immerse On

Hello Awesome Readers!

This is my first travel post for my blog, yay!
So, recently we went to Zambales for a 2 day immersion as a class requirement and I made use of the opportunity to immerse myself into the indigenous culture but also to appreciate more of what nature has to offer.


We headed to Naugsol which a place in Subic, Zambales that is more or less
5 hour drive from Manila that includes stop over and a bit of traffic. I seriously don’t know what to expect, since that was my first time to go a place in the mountains, where there’s no signal, no wifi, and no TV! It is good to actually connect yourself into the environment  with no technology getting in the way. It is a place where you don’t have to think about anything, it is very peaceful and calm. I feel like I went to a vacation rather than an immersion.

I am deeply amazed by the clear water flowing on the river, it was so clean and beautiful to look at and even better to bathe in. It feels so good on the skin, the cold water rushing is beyond describable. Sadly we have to go back to the place we were staying due to the rain.


Early morning the next day, we went to go trekking. I am excited and nervous at the same time, since I have no idea how to climb a mountain and looking at how high we have to go made my knees go weak. But, I decided that I will never miss this chance to explore and I am all about adventure anyway so I said to myself, ‘challenge accepted’.


I made it! I am so proud of myself of my little achievement that day, all the pain and scratches are sooooo worth it because it was extremely beautiful and incredible to look at. The overlooking of the sea of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone and the rest of mountains are breathtaking. The fresh air the blows on my face gives me chills because it is that clean and cold in the feeling!

We are supposed to climb that highest peak but decided not to because we need to be home by lunch so we can pack our things before leaving that afternoon.
It was quite a short stay but I learned so much from the culture of the indigenous families that is living there and it made me appreciate the nature even more.
I am sure that this is not the last time, I am going to conquer the mountains because the moment I came back here in Manila, my BFF’s decided we’ll go trekking soon!

Thanks a lot for reading, xoxo!


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