The Struggle of getting photographs for your blog

At this point in time, I believed that somehow we all been through this kind of struggle, the difficulty of taking photographs for a blog not because it is hard to bring out one’s camera and click it but in a sense that finding the right spot, the right lighting, appropriate time and place can really be tricky because they are considered as factors for having blog-worthy photos.

One way or another we experienced standing there with a beautiful scenery behind us waiting for the right moment to catch it perfectly on camera but someone will stop and stare for a minute or two while another person (or probably your friend) is taking your photo, awkward isn’t it? tendency is for you to get conscious of what you are doing which happens a lot, makes it difficult to find the perfect stance and body posture because suddenly you feel like under scrutiny.

Another scenario, is when you are about to take photos of the food before you eat it (coz hello, Instagram) and because of that some people who are not into blogging will not be fond of it and we, as bloggers will try to ignore the skeptic looks they are giving.

Admit it or not, there are just people who don’t understand the craft of blogging but in this modern age, everything seems to be posted on social media, from outfits, make-up, food, movie tickets, coffee, recent purchases and the list goes on.

Personally speaking, I love getting notifications when people give responses to my posts (I mean, who doesn’t right?). It only means that they find it interesting enough to put an effort to comment and such. It becomes a sense of motivation for me to write more and come up with better ideas. So, the constant battle for me is to go out every so often and explore for new places where I can find something worth posting (which is quite difficult given that finals is fast approaching and there are tons of requirement I have to do).

The technique is to always have your camera ready just in case right?
Be Confident. It is one of the most important thing, if you know what you are doing it radiates through your picture. Try to ignore all those people watching and passing by while you are having the photo shoot or either you find a place where there are less people who can see you that can help to avoid feeling awkward while you put your best pose for your OOTD.

Remember to stay focused and have fun! Happy Blogging haha =)


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