“Love, Rosie” Experience

Last Saturday, after school my friend asked me to go with her to have her eyebrows done but when we are already at the mall and we passed by the movies and we impulsively decided to watch ‘Love, Rosie’ instead, starring Lily Collins and Sam Claflin. I am a huge fan of them so I can’t resist it even when my original plan is to shoot for my blog afterwards (oops, sorry!) The movie is based on the novel written by Cecilia Ahern titled “Where Rainbows End”.

I’m not going to post a movie review because I want you to watch it yourself. It made me laugh (A LOT), cry my eyeballs out and laugh out loud again, and there is just so much humor in it. I admit that the parts made me cry are the ones that I can really relate the most. I know most of us have difficulties we experience in our life, right? And yet we wake up every morning, get ready to what we have to do and fight the battle we have inside. We smile to the world, continue our lives and make it productive!

I am happy to where I am right now even though the last quarter of 2014 is pretty rough for me, honestly during the holidays I gained enough realizations to what had happened to me and I started 2015 with a clean slate and a positive outlook in life. It taught me patience in life, to focus more in my goals and to love oneself that never allow someone to take away your shine!

I highly recommend you see the movie ‘Love, Rosie’ for a good dose of laugh and tears.

Also, I am going to take this chance to inform you guys that I will usually have a new blog post every Thursday and/or Saturday since that is the time I don’t have much school works to do!

Thank you so much for reading, xoxo!


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