Feeling Good

I know it’s been a while, I experienced several ups and downs after my graduation mainly because I feel like the transition didn’t go smoothly and I kinda feel pressured about several things about adulting but I am feeling good now. I still deal with some of them but it doesn’t bother me anymore like it used to, to the point it kept me awake at night thinking.

So, today I decided to watch a lot of videos from my favorite travel blogger, Brooke Saward from World of Wanderlust and because of that it helped me to be more motivated to finally work on my blog again. Recently, I’ve been talking to my bestfriend, which whom I call ‘soulmate’ because we have so many things in common but anyways, we began talking about our plans of travelling together and that made me really excited.

Right now, I am grateful and happy because I feel a lot better than the couple of weeks ago and I can finally say, I’ve survived the drought once again. I’m starting to feel that things are falling into place and I just need to keep on focusing on the things that I really want and the thoughts that keep me happy and well.

I can’t wait to share with you the travel adventures I will be having with my friends soon enough.

Keep the dreams alive!




2016, Time for New Beginnings!

Hello Awesome Readers!

Happy 2016! This is my 1st Blog Anniversary!! *Happy Dance*

I know it has been a while, I have been missing in action to the point that some of you probably forgotten that my blog exist, HAHA!

Every new year, people always try to live with the “New Year, New Me” mantra but what does it take to really say that we are “new” that there is something that has changed in our self, in our perspective? that we are this “new” person and we are better than the year before?

I believe that, every day is a new beginning! That every day is a blessing where we are given the chance to do better, be optimistic and try to change our self into the person we wanted to be. It doesn’t have to be new year to start over and make new beginnings!

This year, I am going to put more effort and time on my blog than what I used to last year, I need to be more persistent this time. I am putting my attention and focus on the things I needed to do and what I wanted to accomplish this year, that is more blog posts, travel and more adventures with my family and bffs!

Cheers to more ways to live our life this 2016, and don’t forget to take chances because life is too short for regrets!


Immerse On

Hello Awesome Readers!

This is my first travel post for my blog, yay!
So, recently we went to Zambales for a 2 day immersion as a class requirement and I made use of the opportunity to immerse myself into the indigenous culture but also to appreciate more of what nature has to offer.


We headed to Naugsol which a place in Subic, Zambales that is more or less
5 hour drive from Manila that includes stop over and a bit of traffic. I seriously don’t know what to expect, since that was my first time to go a place in the mountains, where there’s no signal, no wifi, and no TV! It is good to actually connect yourself into the environment  with no technology getting in the way. It is a place where you don’t have to think about anything, it is very peaceful and calm. I feel like I went to a vacation rather than an immersion.
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Music is your Soul Mate

Hello Awesome readers!

I know it has been a very long while since the last time I posted an update, it is because I have been working on my undergraduate thesis at the moment and everything is happening so fast, I wish I could slow things down.

Anyway, in this blog post I would like to share with you how my taste in music has changed a lot in the past few months. Ever since my soul mate (she is one of my best friends) introduced EDM (Electro Dance Music) to me prior to attending a summer music festival. I immediately became obsessed with it, especially since Martin Garrix is one hot DJ.

Personally, my taste in music range from Maroon 5, The Script, Imagine Dragons, Paramore to Ariana Grande. I also love listening to movie soundtracks, especially the Indie tracks! Then how my taste in music transitioned into a whole new level?

after attending the music festival for the first time, I know for a fact my life has changed completely! I can’t stop listening to EDM ever since then, I updated my workout playlist with the tracks from Calvin Harris, Hardwell, Armin Van Buuren and a lot more DJ’s out there. I started watching their live sets from various music festival around the globe like Ultra Music Festival, Electro Daisy Carnival, Amsterdam Music Festival, Tomorrowland and a lot more including the movie Under The Electric Sky. I also listen to some Deep House Indie Electro and Trance like Above & Beyond.

I can totally relate to it and how the music feeds the soul in each in every one of us, how it affects our well-being, changes our mood and plays a huge part in our daily lives. It is not only for EDM but it goes for every genre that is out there that is a living proof that music speaks when words can’t and it is always there to make us feel ALIVE! I still listen to some other genre like I used to but I think I found my favorite!

(P.S I am writing this post as I am revising my thesis because the Road To Ultra: Philippines post is everywhere and I am excited because I am really looking forward to experience it myself with my soul mate, can’t wait for September to come!
Visit my newly created spotify playlist to see my current faves!)

I’m also on Bloglovin’, you can follow me HERE!

xoxo, Saoirsemae

Forever Summer

Hello Awesome Readers!
How’s your summer? Mine has been incredibly amazing, it is indeed a summer to remember because I attended the annual music festival, “Close Up Forever Summer” last May 16. It is actually my first time to attend such that is why, I am beyond excited the moment I got my tickets alongside with two of my closest friends!


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Music Festival Vibe

Hello awesome Readers! It’s been a while, I know..  It is scorching hot in here because it’s summer time here in The Philippines and Music Festivals are everywhere!
Coachella post are all over my timeline and I can’t help but wonder when on earth I am able to go there haha! Thank God because my best friend is a fan of EDM, so she invited me to come in a summer music festival sponsored by a tooth phase brand and I can’t wait to rave to the mix of my beloved Martin Garrix! Actually, I became so obsessed with his mix that it is now my new workout playlist. I feel like raving while burning those calories. I truly can’t wait for the Forever Summer Music Festival and of course, I will let you know everything about it.

Here, I am wearing an outfit that I think is perfect for summer whereabouts since it is hot in here it is better to wear something comfy without compromising your sense of style. It is something I can actually wear in a music festival since everyone is about being boho, I would like to wear something different for a change!

Processed with VSCOcam

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The Struggle of getting photographs for your blog

At this point in time, I believed that somehow we all been through this kind of struggle, the difficulty of taking photographs for a blog not because it is hard to bring out one’s camera and click it but in a sense that finding the right spot, the right lighting, appropriate time and place can really be tricky because they are considered as factors for having blog-worthy photos.

One way or another we experienced standing there with a beautiful scenery behind us waiting for the right moment to catch it perfectly on camera but someone will stop and stare for a minute or two while another person (or probably your friend) is taking your photo, awkward isn’t it? tendency is for you to get conscious of what you are doing which happens a lot, makes it difficult to find the perfect stance and body posture because suddenly you feel like under scrutiny.

Another scenario, is when you are about to take photos of the food before you eat it (coz hello, Instagram) and because of that some people who are not into blogging will not be fond of it and we, as bloggers will try to ignore the skeptic looks they are giving.

Admit it or not, there are just people who don’t understand the craft of blogging but in this modern age, everything seems to be posted on social media, from outfits, make-up, food, movie tickets, coffee, recent purchases and the list goes on.

Personally speaking, I love getting notifications when people give responses to my posts (I mean, who doesn’t right?). It only means that they find it interesting enough to put an effort to comment and such. It becomes a sense of motivation for me to write more and come up with better ideas. So, the constant battle for me is to go out every so often and explore for new places where I can find something worth posting (which is quite difficult given that finals is fast approaching and there are tons of requirement I have to do).

The technique is to always have your camera ready just in case right?
Be Confident. It is one of the most important thing, if you know what you are doing it radiates through your picture. Try to ignore all those people watching and passing by while you are having the photo shoot or either you find a place where there are less people who can see you that can help to avoid feeling awkward while you put your best pose for your OOTD.

Remember to stay focused and have fun! Happy Blogging haha =)